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Currently I'm a librarian and before that I was an archaeologist, a journalist, and definitely a bit of a world traveler.  I tend to mostly read science fiction and fantasy, though I do love a good mystery and I'm a bit of a book dabbler overall. I've been doing Goodreads for awhile, but a friend thought I might enjoy this as well. Let's see, yeah?

Return of the Hunter

She Returns From War - Lee Collins

Collins Old West is full of adventure, but it’s a much grittier place than many Fantasy-Westerns are.  It’s much more realistic, I’m sure, but for me it doesn’t make for as enjoyable a novel.  I guess that’s why this ends up being a four start for me, even though the story is pretty solid.


I’m enjoying the way he overlapped the stories from his first book with this one.  Yes, it’s a sequel to The Dead of Winter, but there is a new villain and a new protagonist – paired with a previous villain and a previous protagonist, as well as cameos from other characters.  I wonder how the next book will handle things?  I’m excited to see what happens next.


Part of this book’s grittiness has to do with the characters.  They’re more abrasive and they are flawed in ways that tend to bother me.  (hates animals – what?!)  However, there is slow character growth and development so that while I don’t necessarily love the characters, I do like them… a little bit.  I like them enough to care about them and hope for success.


Collins once again reaches for lesser known (though not super uncommon) folkloric villains to pair with more commonly known ones.  I hope to see this trend continue.  It’s nice to watch heroes face something with more than just garlic and silver bullets all the time, you know?  Sure, sometimes monster hunting is just monster hunting with different trappings, but those different details can completely change the atmosphere.


Come to think of it, in some ways you could describe this book as a grown up extension of Yancey’s The Monstrumologist, with a less polished, more real protagonist.