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Currently I'm a librarian and before that I was an archaeologist, a journalist, and definitely a bit of a world traveler.  I tend to mostly read science fiction and fantasy, though I do love a good mystery and I'm a bit of a book dabbler overall. I've been doing Goodreads for awhile, but a friend thought I might enjoy this as well. Let's see, yeah?

Calculating Story

The Rithmatist - Brandon Sanderson

This had some major elements that I love -- an interesting magic system and a well crafted world.  I thought the history -- though it doesn't seep into the story much except as spice (haha) -- where the Korean (or JoSeun) Empire conquered much of the world is a nice touch and I hope that it has greater bearing on the story later on.  The other major historic change is that apparently North America is a huge archipelago with a more clockwork bent to their technology.  Oh yeah, and some people can imbue chalked lines with power.


The characters were a bit flat for me, mostly.  I liked Joel mostly well enough, but he seemed to lack some depth.  Melody was never developed properly, I think, other than as a bit of odd duck.  She does have some character growth...  Or, at least, gets a friend to focus on...


The plot was interesting enough, but in many ways it is more a taste of things to come and of things past than a strong story in its own right.  I, sadly, did not realize that this is a series.  However, the main story does end in this book.  There's foreshadowing more than cliffhanger-ness at the end.


I definitely feel inspired to go back to Sanderson's adult novels...  I need to get onto that second Mistborn book for sure...